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Tragedy Strikes: Landslide in Shimla Claims Lives of Two Migrant Workers

Shimla, Tuesday: A devastating landslide struck the outskirts of Shimla this morning, claiming the lives of two migrant workers. The incident occurred near Ashwani Khud on Junga Road, where makeshift huts housed laborers working at a nearby stone crusher.

While five individuals managed to escape unharmed, Rakesh (31) and Rajesh (40), both from Bihar, were tragically buried under the debris.

“The landslide struck while the workers were asleep,” informed a police official. Rescue teams were promptly dispatched to the scene and worked tirelessly to clear the debris. Sadly, efforts to save Rakesh and Rajesh proved unsuccessful.

This incident highlights the precarious living conditions faced by many migrant workers across the country. Makeshift shelters often lack proper safety measures, leaving residents vulnerable to natural disasters. Authorities must prioritize worker safety by ensuring proper housing and implementing stricter regulations for construction near hazardous areas.

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