Adani Investment in Telangana Puts Congress on the Spot


The Congress party faced a tricky situation on Wednesday when questioned about the Adani Group’s proposed multi-billion rupee investment in Telangana, a state currently governed by the Congress. The awkward exchange, captured in a now-viral video, has sparked discussions about the party’s stance on corporate partnerships and potential conflicts of interest.

During a press conference on the party’s Lok Sabha manifesto, senior leader P. Chidambaram seemingly avoided addressing the Adani investment directly. When asked about the issue, he quickly redirected the microphone to fellow spokesperson Supriya Shrinate. Shrinate, in turn, deflected the question, citing the manifesto launch as the sole focus of the event.

This hesitant response comes amidst Rahul Gandhi’s consistent criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his alleged favoritism towards Gautam Adani. Gandhi, a vocal critic of crony capitalism, often refers to Adani as Modi’s “friend.” Other Opposition leaders also echo these concerns, accusing the government of preferential treatment for certain businesses.

Adding to the complexity, the Adani Group formalized its investment in Telangana just a day after the press conference. The company signed four Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with the state government, pledging over ₹12,400 crore for projects across data centers, storage, and cement. This move puts the Congress in a seemingly contradictory position, accepting investments from a group they previously criticized.

Meanwhile, BJP leader Khushboo Sundar seized the opportunity to criticize both the Congress and DMK, another party that has signed deals with the Adani Group. She accused both parties of hypocrisy, claiming they denounce Adani while simultaneously accepting their investments.

The Adani Group’s investment in Telangana presents a challenging situation for the Congress. The party must navigate the delicate balance between attracting investment for economic growth and maintaining its stance against crony capitalism. The public’s perception of their response will likely play a significant role in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.


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