Australian Diplomat Takes a Historic Journey through Mumbai’s Freedom Struggle


To celebrate both India’s Republic Day and Australia Day, Christian Jack, the new Deputy Consular General in Mumbai, embarked on a captivating tour of South Mumbai, delving into the city’s rich history and its pivotal role in India’s freedom movement.

Standing outside Mani Bhavan, a museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, Mr. Jack wished the nation a “Happy Republic Day” and acknowledged the shared significance of the date for both nations. Mani Bhavan served as the epicenter of Gandhi’s non-violent resistance against British rule, where movements like Satyagraha, Swadeshi, and Khadi were born.

“It was a fantastic tour,” Mr. Jack exclaimed. “I learned so much about the rich history of the freedom movement and the inspiring figures, both men and women, who played a crucial role in shaping India’s destiny. It was a truly delightful experience that deepened my understanding of Mumbai, Gandhi’s life, and the significance of this Republic Day.”

Mr. Jack’s journey through time, facilitated by Khaki Tours, led him to some of Mumbai’s most iconic landmarks, each bearing witness to the city’s unwavering spirit in the fight for freedom.

Meanwhile, India’s 75th Republic Day parade unfolded as a spectacle of national pride and innovation. From cutting-edge weaponry to empowering displays of female participation, the parade showcased India’s journey towards a vibrant, inclusive future.

One of the most significant highlights was the all-women tri-services contingent, a powerful symbol of gender inclusivity and progress within the armed forces. Their synchronized march down the historic Kartyavath Path served as a reminder of the remarkable strides made by women in India.

Adding to the awe-inspiring display, the Indian Air Force’s C-295 medium transport aircraft made its grand debut in the skies, while the indigenously built Tejas aircraft soared in a breathtaking formation, showcasing India’s growing prowess in aviation technology.

With this insightful tour and the magnificent Republic Day celebrations, Mr. Jack’s experience serves as a bridge between two nations, fostering cultural understanding and appreciation for the shared values of freedom and progress.


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