PM Modi’s UAE Visit: ‘Ahlan Modi’ Gears Up for Grand Welcome


Excitement is building in the UAE as preparations ramp up for ‘Ahlan Modi,’ a grand event welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his upcoming visit. Scheduled for February 13th at the Sheikh Zayed Sports Stadium in Abu Dhabi, the event promises a spectacular cultural showcase for the Indian diaspora and a warm reception for the Prime Minister.

Dedicated volunteers are the backbone:

  • Over 65,000 attendees are expected, and a dedicated team of volunteers is working tirelessly to ensure a smooth and memorable experience.
  • Different teams manage logistics, cultural performances, and other crucial aspects of the event.
  • “The volunteers of #AhlanModi form the backbone of the event,” organizers emphasize, appreciating their selfless service.

Grand Temple inauguration to follow:

  • The Prime Minister’s visit coincides with the highly anticipated inauguration of the BAPS Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi on February 14th.
  • This landmark temple, announced by PM Modi in 2015, is nearing completion and draws international attention.
  • Indian Ambassador Sunjay Sudhir personally visited the temple to witness its progress.

Global interest in the historic event:

  • The Indian Embassy in the UAE highlights the global anticipation for the temple inauguration, calling the visuals “resplendent with its spellbinding architecture.”
  • PM Modi’s acceptance of the invitation to inaugurate the temple further signifies the importance of this event.


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