Singer Fazilpuria arranged snakes for Noida rave party, reveals Elvish Yadav


Shocking new details have emerged in the Noida rave party case, with YouTuber and Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav reportedly telling the police that the snakes used at the party were arranged by Bollywood singer Fazilpuria.

Yadav, who is one of the six accused in the case, was arrested last week for allegedly supplying snake venom at rave parties. During interrogation, he reportedly told the police that Fazilpuria had arranged the snakes for a video shoot that he was doing.

Fazilpuria has, however, denied all the allegations. Speaking to Zee News, he said that he had no involvement in the rave party and that the snakes were arranged only for a video shoot.

The Noida Police is yet to confirm or deny Yadav’s claims. However, if they are true, it would add a new twist to the case.

Snakes at rave party: A growing concern

The use of snakes at rave parties is a growing concern, with reports of such incidents emerging from different parts of India in recent months. In some cases, the snakes are reportedly used as props or for entertainment purposes, while in others, they are reportedly used to supply snake venom.

Animal welfare activists and conservationists have condemned the use of snakes at rave parties, calling it cruel and inhumane. They have also expressed concern about the safety of partygoers, as snake bites can be fatal.

Police investigating role of all accused

The Noida Police is currently investigating the role of all the accused in the rave party case. They are also trying to ascertain the source of the snakes used at the party and whether any wildlife laws were violated.

The case has sparked outrage among the public, with many people demanding that strict action be taken against all those involved.


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