Orry’s Funky Florals Bloom Brighter Than Kim’s Met Gala Gown: A Fashion Face-Off


Orry Awatramani, the internet’s current fashion darling, has once again captivated the audience with his audacious sartorial choice – a vibrant floral pantsuit from Nikhil Kolhe at the Filmfare Awards 2024. The co-ord set, a riot of red, pink, green, and white blooms, exuded a quirky charm that perfectly embodies Orry’s unique style.

But this blooming ensemble isn’t entirely unprecedented. A decade ago, Kim Kardashian graced the Met Gala red carpet while pregnant with her first child, adorned in a floral printed Givenchy gown designed by Riccardo Tisci. The turtleneck, full sleeves with attached gloves, and trailing train created a dramatic silhouette that divided the fashion world. Some hailed it as a chic take on maternity dressing, while others found it meme-worthy.

So, is Orry simply channeling Kim K’s floral flair, or is he carving his own path in the fashion jungle?
Orry Is Not Sorry To Make This Floral Pantsuit Look As Trendy As Kim  Kardashian Did On The Met Gala 2013 Red Carpet

Orry’s Floral Fete: A Bold Statement

Orry’s pantsuit breaks away from the conventional masculine expectations of menswear. The vibrant florals, relaxed fit, and playful gloves exude a confident nonchalance. He doesn’t shy away from embracing bold colors and patterns, making him a standout in any crowd. Compare this to Kim’s figure-hugging gown, which, while undeniably striking, adhered to a more traditional red carpet aesthetic.

Kim’s Floral Fantasy: A Maternity Masterpiece?

Kim’s floral gown was a bold choice for a pregnant woman on the red carpet. The intricate design and fitted silhouette accentuated her curves, offering a refreshing take on maternity fashion. However, some found the look overly dramatic and impractical, especially with the attached gloves and train.

Two Floral Forays, Two Different Journeys

While both Orry and Kim utilize floral prints, their approaches differ significantly. Orry’s pantsuit is a playful expression of his individuality, while Kim’s gown aimed to redefine maternity fashion. Both manage to capture attention, but in vastly different ways.

Ultimately, whether Orry’s floral foray is inspired by Kim or not, it’s his confident ownership of the look that makes it truly captivating. He challenges fashion norms and embraces his own unique style, making him a trendsetter in his own right. So, the next time you see Orry rocking a bold outfit, remember, he’s not just following trends – he’s blooming his own fashion path.


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